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As a Fine Artist my practice is interdisciplinary, I explore concepts and ideas using Installation, film, photography, drawing and sculpture. I am educated academically as a, Master of Fine Art with Distinction, Teacher of Art and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours; I pursued my artistic training through Winchester School of Art.

I continue to explore how art practice can reflect our experience with specific sites in relation to the uncanny, the void and the sublime. The focus has been to create work that looks at understanding the projected perceptions we create when seeing a specific site devoid and haunted by former purpose. How can this be evoked in art practice?

 'The void harbours its own anxiety, the horror vacui, which calls for the obsessive filling of every empty space.' Lovatt, A, (2009). 

I have looked to develop myself and my understanding of my Art practice through teaching. As a Head of Art I am looking to develop and challenge my students giving them the skills and opportunity to use Art as a way of seeing, questioning and understanding the fast changing environment they are growing up in.

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